Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello November!

Hello November!
It doesn't seem as unsettling to me that its November already as much as the fact that it's still sweating hot in the middle of the day. I will try to be positive in the fact that the evenings have been getting a little better and last night I could have actually used a jacket which I of course didn't wear.
Halloween has passed and the Turkey Day is before us, I unfortunately won't be going home for it but I look forward to the festivities none the less. L.A's mixing pot and land of misfits demeanor makes for gatherings of a different kind of family and although I miss my sisters dearly and the smell of my mamma's home cooking, it's nice to give thanks and having an excuse to make a dubious amount of trips back to the food table is not bad either.

Above: Performing at the Dragonfly on Santa Monica

Not just as a good friend of mine but as a huge fan of Kandace Ferrel, I've been attending her shows for some time now. Although I can't remember how many times I've heard her sing whether at a venue or at the kitchen counter, I find myself continuously inspired by not just her obvious vocal talents and stage presence but her ability to write again and again songs that tell a story with there words and melody that connect to not only her own experiences but experiences of life.
I had the great pleasure of seeing her perform last night at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. The room packed and backed by a full band, I stood amongst a group of my friends remembering what it is about live performances and small quaint venues that I love so much. I'm thankful to all my friends that came out with me and to my friends like her that let there creativity, talent and heart guide them and remind me to always do the same.

Please check out her website and listen to her music

Below is a photo I took of my friend Jason that I like a lot, perhaps because it was taken in the rain on the one day that its rained so far :)

I don't even know her.

Abigail Frank~

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