Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm craving football season. Good Morning Los Angeles! Actually it's not morning but it's when I'm first getting on the computer so stop trying to start a fight with me. There are a bunch of TV shows that I feel like I've been missing out on since not getting television and not that I couldn't just watch them online but somehow things seem much easier to vegetable out to when your flipping stations. I won't go into the scary number of travel channel and food network shows I used to watch constantly but let's just say I never missed an episode of Man Vs. Food or No Reservations to name two. I'm relatively sure that my dream life would consist of traveling the world, eating and drinking a lot. Dam Adam Richman, you sexy beast. Another random show I used to love was A & E's Intervention. It's rather sad but every episode on there where they are inter vining an alcoholic kind of makes me want a drink. Perhaps because it's hard to watch without one or because I figure there will be one less drinker in the world after the show so I should make up for them. I will talk to my therapist about it after my mid life crisis. So to all you people who have TVs....enjoy them for without them we are forced to read books, soak up energy from the sun, converse over coffee and cuddle with breathtaking enjoy.

Once again click on my Flickr to see more pictures from a shoot I did of Grey...

Also here is a funny dumb video I did randomly with my friend Curtis from UCB, practicing improv can be a lot of fun

Good day Good People

Monday, July 27, 2009

Everyone talks about different ages and how when you are well past your youth, you will look back and realize how much you were changing, how much you were finding yourself. Everyone says these times are so important. In thirty years I will become part of everyone and I wonder what I will feel for these days I live now and these thoughts and feelings that remind me all the time how right "everyone" is. I think as a child, I took a negative connotation to adults saying things like "One day you will understand" or eluding to how unworldly and unknowing I was but as I got older, I realized how those kind of statements are not only true but nor should they not be. Once you know yourself and everything entirely, there would be no life. There would be no growth, no relationships, no reason for anything.
I have such immense hope for the future but sometimes I'm left flabbergasted at how in the same brain can be torrid confusion laying side by side with the daydreaming hopeful imagination of a dimwitted ten year old. I use to dream constantly, during the day, laying up at night, almost constantly making up scenarios in my head and playing them out like a movie and now I feel as though I sometimes have to allot time to dream like its a chore in my daily planner.

This is a photo from a live body art show I went to...

I added some cool random shots I took over my birthday weekend onto Flickr so check them out :)

I got back to my apartment and as I read my LA Times, Madeleine Peyroux who I listen to frequently comes on and it will always and forever remind me of staying in Paris and riding the metro by myself around on rainy mornings watching the people and falling in love with all there is out there in the world to experience.

Song of the Day= Madeleine Peyroux- Between the Bars

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Babble from Out of the Blue

This is the day deemed Hump Day so I suppose that means we are halfway to the weekend, which means we are closer to my birthday!

Last night after hanging out with my roomie for a bit and than realizing I must prepare to retire, I got a phone call from an old good friend that moved back home to my home town six months ago saying he was in town. He and a few friends came over and we sat talking for a few hours, it sounds sad but they made me feel really happy that I didn't live back at home and lived in a place that makes me so happy. We all ended up at Fred 62's for a sunrise breakfast which inspired the shoot I did today, it's all meant to be and I really like those words together...Sunrise Breakfast.

Speaking of food... was good to me today.

Random thoughts-

In the movie "Marvin's Room" Diane Keaton's character says in the end of the film, "I've had such love in my life...I've had such love". Meryl Streep's character says, "Yes, they loved you very much" to which she replies, "No that's not what I meant. I loved them, I've been so lucky to be able to love people so much".
I saw this movie years and years ago and still think about this scene all the time. Can one's life be full with only there love for others? Should those of us who allow ourselves to actually experience loving others while not worrying if its requited count ourselves as lucky?

We as humans are naturally selfish in some respect and when I think of feeling love, I associate it with complete selflessness because that's how I experience it. That is why I suppose it is so dangerous. Okay my blog should be called "Random Babble from out of the Blue" because I am really bad at tieing all my thoughts together to make one coherent subject....Ohhhh Wellsies.

Song of the Day: Andrew Bird- Fake Palindromes
Hollywood has an amazing array of artwork not just in it but on it and although I don't necessarily give my seal of approval to tagging, I find beauty everywhere in the personal expression.

Love forever Jim Morrison
I shot one of my close friends Joshua Cole yesterday and these are my favorite shots, the other few are on my site which you can click the link below the pic to get to.
Song of the Day: Etta James- At Last
Quote of the Day- "They say such nice things about people at there funerals that it makes me sad to realize I'm going to miss mine just by a few days" -Garrison Keillor

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Day for the Butterflies

I have two hours before a photo shoot and while I started composing my disheveled appearance, I started reminiscing on how sublime my last day was. Waking up in good spirits with a smile on your face contradictory of the miniscule amount of resting hours your body has been given is nothing short of a gift from a higher power. Although there are strides I need to make in the next month, I feel the more good energy I put forth in my pursuits, the more good energy comes back at me. Yesterday while enjoying a slight breeze with a paper and vanilla latte, I found myself befriending a stranger and spending a long while conversing and bantering about creativity, passion and art and leaving stimulated and wondering how other people expand there minds and experience all the world has to offer who don’t take chances. The day continued on somewhat the same congenial pathway as I went to the Agape Spiritual Center for the first time (unknowingly to the congregation because I didn’t get hand blessed by the crowd) maybe next time but than I’d be lying…crap. Anyways, there is always a fine line drawn in my head where spirituality and enlightening meet hokey cult status. I’m not bagging on anyone but clearly as anything that is so close to our souls and spirits, what might seem silly to me might be changing someone else’s life around. This place was a wonderful blend of religious attributes, connectivity with similar minds and an outlook on life that I not only share but daily push myself to remember. One of the things I walked out replaying in my head was a concept of freedom that was spoken about, when you think about what freedom is in actuality, it’s rather hard to wrap your head around.
I find myself at my age being almost a standstill in-between the beliefs of my mother and father which in a strange way seems fitting. My mother the ever sturdy southern Christian has one of the most admirable belief systems and unequivocal faiths I’ve ever witnessed and if I were to say I would change one thing about her or how she raised me on them I would be doing a disservice to the woman who will always live behind rose colored glasses. I could speak her praises for years but as I grew and saw her as the human with faults and problems like all of us, I realized she was lacking in a spiritual side that I had yearned for. She read to us bible verses and taught us that “all things were made through him” and I wanted to experience it all. If all things were a mirror of god in some way than I craved learning that way, I wanted to travel, meet new people, and try new things. My mom more content to stay away from the unknown and confide in her knowledge, my father on the other hand rebelled against traditional religion and attends a new age church which can’t mention any denomination or any god so they basically all chant together things like “thank you” and “ we are one”. Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful and I’ve been following the “we are one” belief since Disney popped off a little gem called The Lion King but spending a few hours chanting them not associating them with religion or our lives or our spirits seems lackluster to me and unfortunately goes in one ear and goes out the other. The thing I obviously did take from that new age experience was the spirituality of dropping your walls and digging deep past the voices that swim through your subconscious. This is getting long and hopefully made some type of sense but my point being that I’ve found myself consistently and happily progressing and being ensconced in life and perhaps not quite yet in the big picture but in who I want to be. If you exude the elements in life which you aspire, they will come back at you everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open and mind free to embrace the impossible.
Cameraphone picture of the day- I saw this on a wall and I like it's message.

Song of the day: Hello Vegas- Spiderwebs

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7-12-09 Standard Downtown Pool Party

I thought this blog had posted but I signed on and it's sitting there unposted so woopsies daises. Last sunday I went to The Standard Rooftop Pool Party and I can't say enough about how much I love this venue. Not only are Sunday's promoted by some of my good friends and usually involve amazing bands, DJ's, Live Artists, Drink Specials and other odd ball specialties but it all happens on a rooftop overlooking downtown, what more could you ask for? I guess free licorice but I'm not greedy. Here are some shots I took, Click on the link below to see them all.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sometimes you feel like your headed for the Post Office

I have to say that I truly hate labels, I know that people can talk about this forever no matter if it's race, social standing, sexuality or monetary achievements but I think I shall as well for a moment. When I was younger I always was classified as a "Tom Boy", this label grouping together any girl that didn't write I heart Bobby McGee on there three ring binder and preferred climbing tree's and acting out movie scenes and literary adventures in her backyard over painting her nails and trying on there friends brassieres. Not that anyone really likes to be generalized but I hated being put in a box. As we get older and move away from small minds and small towns, we realize that the labels we tried so hard to unglue are no longer there and that new ones than get made. If there is anything that I look for the most in people and find most attractive is being open minded. When you allow yourself to disconnect your brain from what society has taught you to think about certain things, you than are able to learn what they really are and form your own opinions. Years ago there were things that I associated with being a bad thing, a scary thing, a naughty thing or what have you but as you walk through your life and run into these things and you have the option of sticking a label on it and running with the herd or of opening your mind to a new possibility. I've found myself many times being open to something and than realizing it wasn't for me, that the scary looking thing really was scary but than you at least are confident in who you are because your judgements and your thoughts were made on your own. I've always followed my heart and sometimes to my own demise but as I meet people who don't follow there hearts because they don't want to be classified for doing it, I feel thankful that I've never let that fear stop me from being myself and no matter how much packaging, labeling and boxing people do to you in your life, you are just you and when you smile with confidence at a stranger on the street, that's what they will see.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh hello, I didn't see you there. It is a beautiful friday and I have found myself not having the plans that I had right now so I thought blogging was perhaps a good route. There is a place that lives in my heart and more literally on the corner of Cahuenga and Franklin called "Solar de Cahuenga" which my friends and I renamed "The Crepe Place" about three years ago. One of my near and dear Peer has promised to buy it for me when he hits the big time and rename it. This spot became the daily gathering spot for an entire summer and after that it was just like home. Although things have changed over the past few years such as more tables, less couches, valet all the time, servers at night (sneeze really bad ones cough) but my memory driven kindred spirits for the place will never die. When I used to live in North Hollywood, I would wake up at the crack of dawn and drive the 10 minutes to the Crepe to sip on coffee on the patio and read The Onion or write on my laptop. Now that I officially live down the street from it, I wake up and whine about walking there...what a lazy lady I have become.
I find myself being surrounded with friends that are going through drama and confusion and as much as I absolutely hate seeing my loved ones cry or feeling powerless to stop there angst, I am filled with a sense of peace that when I wasn't looking I stopped feeling that way. Sometimes the confusion and pit in your stomach become so normal that you don't realize they were there until there gone. I know these days haven't left me for good and I will once again be reduced to a heartbroken life beaten down soul but perhaps I can reread these words I write today to remind myself that the clouds do part, love can end and begin again and you once again will have nothing better to do with your day but smile. I for one can't think of anything better to do today than that.

Bathroom wall writings of the day-

Song of the day: Honeycut- Dark Day White Lines

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's ridiculous how connected we are, I did Runyon Canyon this morning and ran into a few people I knew there then got home and checked Facebook to read that two friends were on there way there or had just finished. After a meeting, exercise and grocery shopping, I headed to lunch with a friend and a few minutes later got a text that read "How was your salad?" Creepy, not my friend that sent it but the simple concept of how ridiculously connected we are. Facebook alone lets me know what 200 people in LA are doing whether life changing like getting married or as menial as having a cup of coffee. This is not to mention our phones which are usually on us and are a constant connection to EVERYONE. Fifty percent of me absolutely loves it and is addicted to the familial community that it conjures and the other half wants nothing more than to disconnect from everyone and find out who she is without the world always at the tip of her fingertips.

So this past weekend I packed up my Nick knacks and headed north on the PCH in search for beautiful ocean views and the taste of smore's. There's nothing like playing drinking games around a fire with friends and waking up in a tent and cooking breakfast over a fire pit. If you haven't been to Big Sur Campgrounds than you must, not only is this forest beautiful but in a small radius has a waterfall, a river running through it and much hiking for your enjoyment. The drive up the PCH from LA is probably one of the most breathtaking of any you could drive as long as you don't mind the last hour to be very windy and on the edge of a cliff. The picture above is from pulling over on the drive. Probably not a good idea to be stoned because you will freak out. I love getting out of my element because it brings me back to reality and makes me appreciate my element so much more when I get back to it. That is all for today kids, Adieu.

Cooler with chips and salsa, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Beer....Check.
Song of the Day- I gotta feeling by the Black Eyed Peas
This song makes me want to dance and smile and forget all thats wrong in the world.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Do you ever wake up to 14 text messages when you only went to bed a few hours ago and than after replying don't hear back from any of them for a little bit? Annoying. What else is annoying? The apparent colossal bird community in the tree outside my window, calming at times yet this morning I'm having Zoe Deschanel scenes flash threw my mind from "Failure to Launch". Speaking of Zoe Deschanel, one of my absolute favorites and I'm pretty sure if we met that we would be best friends. Speaking of best friends...just kiddinggg. Last night we went to a birthday party on the roof part of Fiesta Cantina where a full fledged cake fight broke out. I'm supremely happy I didn't get nailed in the face with icing because I saw it happen to innocent bystanders all night. Apparently a few people got kicked out, one guy slipped on cake then landed on cake, I saw a cockroach and the fat guy from Borat was there. In my direct eye line was a huge billboard for The Abbey and apparently it's turning 19 on the same month of my birthday....coincedence?....probably yea. We then blew that Popsicle stand for Eleven then STK and one of my good friends that bartends there made us what I believe has been coined Kentucky Mint Julep's and are pretty much fantastic. Mint and Whiskey, yes please.

Camera phone picture of the day- If only I hadn't just brought 47 Cents to the Grocery Store today, I'd be eatin like a king tonight!

Song of the Day- The Ting Ting's- That's not my name. I can't seem to get it out of my head.