Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Abigail Frank Renewal

I checked my e-mail this morning and have a message from my Website manager saying that my website is going to expire soon if I should want to renew it. This at first sent me on a thought roller coaster as most birthdays, holidays and annual events do making me recall how in the world so much time had gone by so fast. It seems not too long ago that I started doing shoots for profit and had a friend yell at me about buying some domains immediately while the gettin was good. My friend Ally who is a here and there painter has always wanted to take that passion farther so in the hopes of doing so bought quite a few domains not knowing which she would eventually use but was then complaining how she had been paying for them as they sat gathering what you might call world wide web dust.
Although it's definitely better to own them than not, I bought mine in the hopes I would actually put forth more of an effort than she. Now semi close to a year later, I basically used it as a blog for months than deleted the whole thing and started anew when I started shooting events regularly but than slowly had it turn back into a blog. Although my meandering thoughts are incredibly interesting I know, at some point I want to use this renewal as a wake-up call to make it into a somewhat respectable site.
First things first, get my computer working fully so I'm not having to bother other people for there's. Than second step, win the lottery so I can not worry about money and just take pictures, make movies and spend all my time being worry free and creative! No biggie.

In other "time going by freakishly fast" news, this morning I got a picture text from my sister who is living in a small town in the middle of nowhere going to Medical School, of a horse and buggy that was apparently at a stop light in front of her going through town. I laughed thinking not of the hilarity just in that image but the fact that where life has taken us at least at this date in time can be so different. When the prospect of her coming to Southern California for school was active, I was out of my mind with excitement. Imagining hanging out with she and her boyfriend all the time because every time they have visited, all my friends loved them immediately and they fit right in. I'm remembering last Christmas sitting on the couch with her studying for her MCAT's in pajama's with momma cooking in the kitchen and discussing the medical books we had been passing back and forth for the past few months. It seems not that long ago yet now she and my other sister who moved to the same town to join her aren't coming home for Thanksgiving and are buying houses with the obligation to stay there for all of her medical schooling.
Not that my family was ever really close during the past five years since I've lived here but this concept makes me realize how real the whole situation is and that I'm only going to see my sisters once or twice a year and I'm going to be missing out on having the kind of relationship that we used to have. Although I write a lot about my amazing friends and how I truly am blessed to have the support group and LA family that I have here, it's still sad being away from your real family. The great thing about them is they have to love you and you know they will always be there and on top of that, I actually like them so I suppose I'm trying to deal with the sadness of that situation by hopefully making myself happy here by getting to work on my passions.
Yay for reminders and may they always be there to put us on track!

P.S. Some little lovely bought me a baby pumpkin yesterday and I have named him Mishmash since he's as close to a child as I'm going to have for a while. Hurray Halloween :)

Abigail Frank~

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