Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heavens to Murgatroyd

Top of the muffin to you! It’s Thursday and the fact that it’s the end of August already is terrifying me. Gazoy! It feels like only a few years ago that I was drinking out of a bottle and whining to my mommy that I had a stomachache…well that actually happened a few days ago but you get my point. We are getting older people and it’s a scary thing to embrace but I’m trying. As I was checking my age group in an audition the other day I realized that I soon would no longer be in the 18-24 box, I really hope I’m one of those old ladies that can work it with grey hair. Question! Why do women cut there hair short when they get old? I plan not to.

Subject of the day class: “Degoshdarn Heat”
It’s been hot the past week and by hot I mean really hot and never ending. During the day I’ve been looking forward to the night thinking it will be colder but what might be a slight two degree drop in temperature isn’t turning this head! Last night we ventured out for some good times and at approximately midnight I found myself on the sidelines of a dance floor feeling numbed by the heat. Trust me, I thought about dancing but the sweat layer forming over my entire body kept making me want more shots of tequila so I would hopefully forget the heat stroke that was baring down on me. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that’s a healthy lifestyle for you. After a club you think maybe outside will be cooler, alas it is not. After outside you think, maybe if I lay naked on top of the covers it will be cooler, alas it is not. My moral is that it’s hot and I want winter like a fat kid wants cake.

I uploaded some photos from my camping trip and heavens to murgatroyd was it fun! The fact that I was just complaining about the heat in lalaland and the first night of camping I awoke to raindrops falling on the roof of my tent should tell you how happy I was.

Here is a cool picture that I like a lot that I snapped a few nights ago. My friend Gabrielle and I were sitting at "The Woods" and I took out my honking camera because our table and our legs had something in common....there stems.

To read the full story and more check out my Flickr below.

FLICKR....I don't even know her!

Song of the Day: Tim Myers- The Lucky Ones

Happy happy hot Thursday Los Angeles, someone bring me some ice cream.

Abigail Frank~

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