Thursday, August 20, 2009

To be Friends or Not to be

It's Thursday, the sun is shining and the tank is clean. Good Afternoon Hollywood!

I've been soaking in this thought about friendship the past week and felt like venting. I could say sharing but it's really just a way for me to blab about something that most likely my friends wouldn't want to have an earful of.

I feel like at some point along the way or I will disclaim that perhaps the variable is where I live but I feel as though there has been a certain standard that was put on being "Friends" with someone that to me seems to border on what the standard of a "Relationship" entails.

Example. I text my friend for coffee which I did last week as well but this week I also want to get together to borrow something for a shoot. All of a sudden I am getting semi put in the hot seat about only wanting to see him to borrow something and how I don't hang out or call as much as I used to. Now maybe it would be awesome to hear another point of view on this because maybe this is the standard of being friends and I'm just a shitty friend but I feel like once I've known someone for a while and would admit to knowing them and them being my friend, I don't need to question there motives for wanting to borrow something or needing a ride. Why are we all so ready to jump at someones throat? Is it because so many people out there are users or is it our own insecurities that people don't like us for who we are?

I love watching TV shows because in these made up lands, the characters will pull the most outrageous pranks, make the most ridiculous mistakes and be forgiven. They will show up unannounced at the other characters apartments and just need something and everything seems normal because they are "Friends" and they don't need to reiterate how special there friendship is every time they do what friends helping each other out.
Okay....rant over. I've had these situations many times in the past and sometimes they are completely justified but other times I just feel like I'm ready to drop the friends that apparently need a relationship standard from me and are pretty much always ready to stand trial on my character. Somehow I've found a mismatched group of friends who all love each other for who they are and are there for each other no matter what happens without questioning the motives and for this I am without a doubt most thankful for. Since I don't know where to send this note of gratitude....I plan to put it in everything I do. The End.

This is a photo I took of my friend walking down the street with a Pizza Pie we bought for the gang. I want to sell it to Dominoes as there campaign.....Call me?

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  2. i love the way you so frequently juxtapose the idea of life-imitating-art vs. art-imitating-life and how you utilize this to justify, question and rationalize situations. its so very "you."