Friday, August 21, 2009

I'll be Whistlin Dixie

My hands are blotched in pink and white.
The subject today class is camping and the great outdoors.

Living in the only other two locations I have besides LA which were Stockbridge, VT and El Dorado, CA led to a large adjustment when relocating. Although I have no doubt that all of us non-natives had an adjustment period, I think that we all have one or two things that were the main change and mine was most definitely the Great Outdoors!.....and not being near my family...whatever ;)
My home town was an hour drive from Lake Tahoe and was maybe a 30 minute drive to numerous good camping spots, ten minutes up the road was what we so cleverly deemed "The River" where we spent most aimless summer days laying on hot rocks, drinking adolescent concoctions and swimming down stream surrounded by huge trees and the smell of the most untampered air in the world. Camping in Norcal is just a way of life and I miss it so much here. A group of my friends would plan trips frequently just for a night or two, my mother and I would go once a month to fish and she would tell me stories from her life, every year at our family reunions we would basically rent out the entire grounds because of the pure mass of our clan....these are the things I think of when I think of camping. There is something about being out in the wilderness that soothes your body, you immediately start moving slower and joining the pace of the forest as the trees sway with the wind and sounds of creatures and a crackling fire take over your thoughts.

I am departing this evening to go camping for the weekend and get out of this crazy city if even for a short while and I took a moment to reminisce prior to heighten my already stirred excitement for the trip. Here is a collage of some good memories of hanging out with mother nature. I didn't want to really dive into my archives so these are very random but I realized I apparently have an affinity for taking pictures of Smores and the one on the bottom right was my friend and I playing with my camera and the light from the fire, I'm not really a sorcerer.

In other news....I still live in LA and drink coffee and wear boots....

Little baby Taylor has left us once again to return to the Whale's Vagina so I bid her adieu once more with a photo I snapped yesterday laying on my sill.
Love you Taylor even though you have strange attributes, dubious grooming habits and pooped in my room.

Exercise called and it's coming for me on Monday, I need a tan and a vat of concealer.

Happy Friday!

Song of the Day: Train- Feist & Ben Gibbard

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  1. Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you... bye-bye Tay Tay.