Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dare I say

Dare I say its getting cooler and dare I say it's the first day of Fall. Double Dare....that was a good show.

So I have a camera full of pictures and no computer to enjoy them, edit them or upload them to this lovely blog which I'm sure has many many many loyal followers ;) I was letting myself wallow yesterday in the hallways and corridors or my misfortune which I've done a few times lately and just feel stupid for allowing myself the idiocy of doing. Oh no poor me, I have no obligations today except play guitar, cook and eat, exercise, have coffee with a friend and read and write...Puulease. I need a smack in the face.
I spent a while on the phone and over Internet chat with Technical Support for my computer, figured out what I need to spend to get her back on her game which hopefully will be done very soon.
Now contacting old friends and people about setting up some shoots and meetings together to make some money and get the creative juices flowing.
Hopefully I'll hear back from the managers I've talked to recently sometime in the next month and well...I think things are going to be good.

Peace, Love and healthy electronics,
Abigail Frank~

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