Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Science of Sleep

The world seems a blur to these unrested eyes,
the shame of the morning, the promise of night seems like lies
My body lays tingling full of active energy,
trapped inside a sullen shell, so limp these muscles be
I shut my lids for moments to try and leave the light,
they burn in exasperation as they keep there fight
What there waging I believe started as the end,
enjoying every new excitement waiting just around the bend
Yet somewhere along my thirsty minds crave for wanting more,
it forgot it dwelled inside a mortal ever needing core
Now as I stare for hours at the ceiling above my head
I find that daydreaming isn't what it seems while mine happens in my bed
My thoughts and imagination take flight as the city around me sleeps,
beautiful stories and spoken word as my eyes begin to weep
It always dawns upon me now that my eyes have yet to close
like my heads trying to tell me something before it will let me doze
I dream of sleeping and fight sleep to dream as my subconscious and the universe form into a team
Perhaps one day when I've conquered my dreams and accomplished what in this existence seems,
Was my purpose and triumph for my presence on this earth
I will see what these lonely nights were worth
Until then I will enjoy the delirium it adds to everyday
and maybe that delirium is whats leading me down the right way.

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