Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Hyprocrite in Me

We all don't want to be hypocritical but as humans, we innately have our own thoughts on things which sometimes can contradict the way we want to be. I've always absolutely despised people that are hypocrites, the ones who judge you for smoking a cigarette when they gave them up two days prior. I certainly try to pride myself on being someone that walks the walk of my talk as much as I can and I hope that my friends would attest to this. I've been in dire need of a new day job for the past month and as if this heat weren't horrible enough I spent the majority of my days walking around turning in resumes or going on open calls at bars and restaurants around the city. If there is one thing you need for going to an open call for a waitress in Hollywood it is confidence and the ability to smile and nod your head.

We've all been around judgemental people and seen the negativity and pollution that they spread and I for one will always try to not be judgemental yet being in situations like open calls brings about the real voices in your head. I know it is me being a hypocrite which is why this is what this babble is about because I constantly try to stay away from people who think they are in a place to judge anyone because guess what people? None of us are. My number one problem with going to church when I lived at home was the Christians reading verses from the bible reiterating how only god can judge us and it is our job as good religious people to support and love one another unconditionally and spread his word and that love and support. Yet all I saw everyday at church was gossip and judgement about everything from what someone was wearing to the fact that someone wasn't a good Christan for missing service last week. None the less these experiences in my life are what led me to want to lead a non judgemental life but sometimes yes....I'm a hypocrite because I'm judging right now.....and the judge victim is Girls in Hollywood.

For the past few years my experience has been going into an interview with these girls that wear little slutty outfits with high heels, perfect makeup and hair and have the audacity to BBM while waiting to interview and every time these are the girls that get the job. Than like clockwork those are the girls that are an issue and management has lectures with the staff about there turnover rate and people not being on there phones etc. Why these managers think hiring someone who can't stay off there phone long enough to look professional at an interview is going to take pride in there professionalism in the workplace is beyond me. These past years of these redundant circumstances makes it hard for me not to judge the ones that happen now but I pride myself on having an open mind as well as perhaps some hypocrisy so I'm always willing to be proven wrong.

My first day today was the meeting with all the employee's of my new job and there maybe 20 girls there in total and maybe four of them myself included that didn't look like barbie dolls. I usually get places early so I had the distinct pleasure of watching every girl walk through the door and believe it or not after a while, I felt like I'd watched the same girl walk in over and over again. Plastic plastic plastic. All that's going through my head is how long are these girls going to last? Which ones will surprise me by actually having a good head on there shoulders? Where did she get those shoes?...wait...nevermind that last one.

I know that I for one can get dolled up, curl my hair, wear skirts and heels one night than go out wearing ripped jeans and a baggy Tshirt the next and I don't want someone judging me either time thinking I'm a stereotype of that style because that's why clothes are fun because we can dress to our mood. Once again a reason why I don't want to label these girls but sometimes when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck....well you get my drift.

Here's to my new job and to the hypocrite in me, she's judging you while warning you not to judge. Happy Tuesday and Happy September!
Abigail Frank~

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